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Multi-company chats (MCCs) allow people in multi-company groups (MCGs) to chat, video and voice call in 1:1 or group threads. If your system admin has enabled both guest accounts and MCGs, guest accounts can be invited to chats with any groups they are members of, including MCG chats. MCCs will have Multi-company highlighted under the name of the chat. The number of guests in the chat will also be highlighted under the group chat's name at the top.

Requirements to use MCCs

Externals need to meet some requirements to use multi-company chat:
  • They need to be in the same multi-company group.
  • They need to have a verified domain (their domain has to match their company's verified domain).
  • They can't have changed their name in the last month.
If you start a chat with a person who works at a different organization that meets the above criteria, they'll receive a message request. In that message request, the person will be able to see your name, job title, company, profile picture and content of the message. The person won't be able to see your profile or search for it, and the message status won't switch to delivered until the person has accepted the request.

Accepting a message request

Once a message request has been accepted by an external collaborator, you'll be able to:
  • Search for that person in Workplace and Workplace Chat.
  • Start a chat, call or video call with the person.
  • See a message's status (delivered or read; this is applicable to both people in the chat).
  • Add the person to a group chat.
Note: Users will only be able to create up to 25 multi-company chat threads per day. Guest accounts can only chat with people with whom they are in a group with. They will not be able to contact other users in your Workplace.

Synced multi-company chat

When you create a standard or external collaboration Workplace group, you will have the option to create a synced group chat.
Synced group chats automatically contain all members of your multi-company group. If a member leaves the group, they'll simultaneously leave the chat. If a group member leaves the chat, however, they won't leave the group.
Unlike manually created multi-company chats, inviting someone to a multi-company group with synced chat enabled will not send them a message request. Instead, they will receive a group invite and will be automatically added to the chat if they accept.
Group admins can disable this feature at any time from the group's settings. Keep in mind that for synced chat to work, the group will need to have less than 250 members.

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